Do Escorts Enjoy Sex, Or They Just Do It For The Money

Do Escorts Enjoy Sex, Or They Just Do It For The Money.

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Money, everyone needs it. Who doesn’t? In the world of globalization and growing needs, where everyone is in the race to earn money, people seek different ways to fulfill their own demands. People often opt for different ways, willingly or unwillingly. Unfortunately the idea of “Enjoying the Work we do” doesn’t really work well for most of the people in today’s world. A lot of people find some unconventional ways to earn and support their daily living, one of those is escort.

Do Escorts Enjoy Sex, Or They Just Do It For The Money

Escort is majorly driven by poverty and lack of resources. There are very few sex workers who jump into this profession willingly. According to an article published in New York Times, Ranjana Kumari, an Advocate of Women’s Right and Director of the Center for the Social Research in New Delhi said, “Only 2% – 3% of India’s prostitutes enter the profession willing. These are the high-class girls and it is them exercising their democratic rights” She also added, “These High-Class escorts are definitely an outcome of Globalized India.” These high-class escorts also cost heavens, they can range anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 for an hour and there are also some escorts who charge much time more.

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Though there are some escorts who join this profession willingly and enjoy their work, there are also a majority of sex workers who just do it for the Money. This population is driven to such a profession by poverty. A lot of these Escorts do not care about the satisfaction of their customers, they are only there for the money and do not care about enjoyment.


Especially in India, a huge number of escorts are in the profession just because of the Money. A response shared on Quora by an anonymous person about his experience in India articulated “The sex workers do not care about the enjoyment or satisfaction of customers they just want to cover more number of customers in less time so they can generate more amount of money. And if one decided to visit the Red Light Area with some fantasies and thinking about them, there is a high chance that they might never be fulfilled.”

Do it for the money Though there are several laws in India against prostitution, one cannot deny the reckless growth of this profession in major cities in India such as ‘Mumbai’, ‘Pune’, ‘Hyderabad’, ‘Delhi’, and so on… An article by the Times of India named ‘Police Struggle to rein in online Escorts’ explained the situation of Hyderabad Escorts and prostitution. The Hi-Tech online prostitution rackets are very difficult to track and they provide all types of services. Hyderabad Police found a website that boasted about providing services of local Hyderabad Model Escorts, TV anchors and even actresses. Various articles by various sources and channels have exposed various such websites and digital networks in the country’s various parts. The website confidently displays the provided services stating ‘Model Escorts in Hyderabad‘, ‘Model Escorts in Mumbai’, ‘College Escort Girls Hyderabad’, ‘College Escort girls Pune’, and so on… , but our question still remains unanswered, ‘Do escorts enjoy sex, or they just do it for the money?’

Do Escorts Enjoy Sex

In my opinion, it differs from person to person and the places they come from. For instance, if we look domestically, in India majority of sex workers do it just for the money, as they come from places that do not provide a lot of facilities, for example, Mumbai Escorts, Hyderabad Escorts, etc. The escorts agencies in these places provide different services, right from local model escorts to college girls escorts like ‘Hyder Model Escorts’, ‘Hyderabad Model Escorts’, ‘College Escort girls Pune’, ‘College Escort girls Delhi’, ‘College Escort girls Hyderabad‘. Now if we closely look into the services, they have Models, TV actresses and also local college girls. So, in my opinion, this variation might be an answer to our question, as Models and TV actresses may not feel the shortage of money not all but some and still they are willing to be in this profession so it might be because they enjoy it, and for the college girls it
sounds quite obvious as it might be due to the financial crises. But there still remains a part of the escort population which is a bit different from the above two.

Some of the recent responses on Quora by the sex workers themselves have revealed that for some escorts the factor that whether they enjoy or just do it for the money depends upon the client or the customer itself. A response from a Sex worker stated that sometimes the attitude if the client and the way they behave actually affects whether or not they enjoy. In her personal opinion, she did enjoy the sex but also did it for the need of money, she said: “On some busy nights, I might have up to 15 clients and not all of them are good, but some are.”

She added, “Enjoying it with every single client would make an escort completely exhausted, so they usually try to avoid getting into an orgasm, however with clients, they do relax and enjoy it.”


So, ultimately for some of the escorts the question is still a dilemma ‘To enjoy or Not to enjoy?’ just same as it was for Shakespeare ‘To be or Not to be?’ While for many others it is just for the money and nothing about the enjoyment. For all the people who are having thoughts in their mind to hire a sex worker to fulfill their fantasies and everything, they have been thinking about. My advice as per the research is, do not engage with local brothels in the areas where there is lack of facilities as the escorts there will only care about money and you won’t even have half a satisfaction. Instead, search for a good quality online network, do not hurry as there might be a con man lurking behind the online ads to show you your worst nightmare. Instead, be patient search thoroughly and take a decision, it will cost you some heavy bucks but you won’t be disappointed.

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